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Bridal Skincare

Wedding Day is one of the most important days in everyone’s lives. And brides all over the world, spend months grooming themselves to look their best on this day.

Depending on the time you have left until your D-day, we have shared below a few skincare tips to attain the desired bridal glow on your wedding day.

Once your wedding date is finalised, it is advised to start preparing your skin 6 to 12 months before the wedding. This gives your skin ample time to set into a regime and you can also opt for certain corrective measures at your Dermatologist’s clinic.

You can start by visiting a good dermatologist who will help you

  • identify your skin type

  • set a skincare regime for yourself

  • examine your skin concerns and suggest treatments

  • identify the beauty enhancement procedures that you can opt 

Pre Bridal Skincare Routine To Follow At Home
After your dermatologist has helped you chart a regime, you can start following it. Make sure to include the following:

Cleansing your skin is one of the most important steps of any skincare regime. A gentle neutral pH cleanser can be chosen. This gently exfoliates your skin without removing the moisture.  If you have an oily or acne prone skin then opt for AHA or BHA based cleanser.

Another crucial step of a skincare regime is to moisturise your skin. Make sure to choose an antioxidant or Hyaluronic acid based moisturiser which will thoroughly hydrate your skin.

SPF 30 is another must have in your skincare kit. Apply sunscreen regularly to avoid damage from harsh sun rays.

Pre Bridal Skincare Routine To Follow At Your Dermatologist’s Clinic -
Facials are a good way to give your skin the hydration boost that it requires. At Dr. Divya’s Skin and Hair Solutions, we use dynamic serums to hydrate and repair the skin from within.

You can also start with peels. Peels are made of medicated chemicals that help address a gamut of skin concerns like acne, dehydration and pigmentation. Some of the peels that we love are Carbon Peeling and Gold Toning.

Laser Toning
If you have blemishes and uneven skin tone then you can go for Laser Toning. At our clinic, we use Q Switched Laser to remove pigments from deep layers of skin to give you an even toned skin.

Laser Hair Reduction
Since Laser Hair Reduction requires at least 6 to 8 sittings, now will be a good time to opt for it if you are looking to get rid of unwanted body hair.

Body Polishing
If you fancy a body free of scars and tan on your D-Day then you can even choose Body Polishing. At our clinic, we have signature treatments to give your skin the sparkle it deserves.

Intimate Area Lightening
If you wish to lighten your intimate area then you can choose for an intimate area lightening treatment. We at Dr. Rakhavi Midhun  Skin and Hair Solutions use imported revolutionary treatments to lighten intimate areas.

If you are looking to enhance your features like your lips or address your under eye concerns then you can opt for fillers closer to your wedding date.

Apart from the above, do eat nutritious meals and engage in exercises and meditation regularly to ensure internal well being and to keep stress at bay as you move closer to D-Day.

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