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Acne scars is one of the commonest complaints these days. Acne scars not only make the skin look different but sometimes can be embarrassing for the patient. The only complication of acne is acne scarring. Most of the scars are found on the surface of skin but are actually sub dermal in origin. Acne scar requires a holistic approach and may involve multiple modalities. Dr. Rakhavi Midhun examines your skin and advises acne scar treatment according to skin type and best suited to your skin type. 

Pimples are small pustules (pus filled) or papules (small solid bumps) that occur on the skin when the sebaceous or oil glands become clogged or infected by dead skin cells.

How To Prevent Pimples?
You can take the following simple Skin Care measures to keep your face pimple free:

  • Wash your face for at least two times daily:
    To remove dirt and excess oil, it is advised to wash one’s face twice daily. You may use a mild face wash or consult your dermatologistto know the best suited face wash based on your skin type.

  • Keep your scalp clean:
    One of the leading causes of excess of oil on the face is oily and dirty scalp. To ensure the oils and dirt from getting on your face and clogging the pores, clean your scalp regularly and avoid using hair gels.

  • DON’T pop your pimples:
    However tempting it may seem, refrain from popping pimples as this may spread the infection and cause more pimples.

  • Clean your facial care products:
    We often forget to clean our make up brushes or sponges that are used to apply various topical applications. These products if left unclean can develop bacteria which can then lead to breakouts.

  • Bring Lifestyle Change:
    Pimples and Breakouts are often a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. Simple lifestyle changes like exercising regularly, avoiding junk food and practising a stress free life can help one get a clear skin.

Types Of Pimples

Pimples are of the following morphological types:

  1. Blackheads or open comedones

  2. Whiteheads or closed comedones

  3. Inflammatory 

  4. Nodular or nodulocystic

  5. Pomade or Oil Acne


Note: The word comedone comes from the Latin comedere, meaning 'to eat up', and was used to describe parasitic worms  (it is used to suggest the worm-like appearance of the expressed material)

What Is The Difference Between Pimple And Acne?
Acne is a chronic inflammation of the sebaceous gland and includes all the types of pimples as a feature. Both the terms are used interchangeably. Acne is used more in medical literature while pimple is used to denote any red elevated lesion by common people.


Can We Use Home Remedies For Pimples?
Please avoid using garlic, toothpaste etc as they may cause a superficial burn and cause a black spot. Pimples need to be managed by a Dermatologist.

Do Pimples Happen To Be Due To Increase In Body Heat?
Pimples generally happen in young age and due to hormonal changes. Hence it is frequently attributed to body heat which implies an imbalance in hormones.


Should I Pop Pimples At Home?
Dr. Rakhavi Midhun does not advise popping out pimples as it may lead to scarring. The best way is to use topical retinoids or antibiotics. Sometimes your Dermatologist can do a surgical extraction using aseptic techniques.

Does Drinking Water Help In Clearing Acne?
It is a myth but water definitely helps in improving hydration and improves metabolic profile which indirectly helps in pimples.

To help get rid of pimples, it is advised to consult a dermatologist as a dermatologist is the right person to seek advice for your skin concerns. S/he will be able to best guide regarding the topical applications and lifestyle changes that you can bring about to achieve a pimple free skin. 

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